It’s beginning to feel a lot like… Well, you know

The holiday season is upon us. That means that, just as it always does,Black Friday is coming.  Haven’t heard of Black Friday?  It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  The busiest shopping day of the year for retailers both online and off.  It’s also the days that the big sales hit.  You know, the sales that are only good for the first 50 people that hit the store in the morning?  Yeah, those sales.

I’m a big fan of Black Friday.  Why? Because it can save my family a boatload of money, that’s why.  I’m an even bigger fan of, because it lets me get those deals on Thanksgiving Day, from the comfort of my sofa, without having to brave the crowds of raving, turkey-stuffed lunatics that are waiting to rush the stores at some unholy hour of the morning.  I like simple.

Then of course there’s cyber monday. This is the Monday following Black Friday, the busiest day of the year for online retailers.  But I prefer to avoid that by shopping early as well, since on that monday there’s a good chance that online shops and stores will respond slowly because of the increased traffic.

The biggest draw of blackfriday for me is the fact that they publish AAFES Deals. AAFES is the Army Air Exchange Services store, better known by most as the BX (or PX, for us Navy types).  For us that means that we can get our gifts with no sales tax.  This can be a huge savings to say the least.

This of course does not preclude anyone reading this.  They’ll also have sale papers from hundreds of other retailers that can help all of you get some significant savings, all from the comfort of your own homes without having to battle the insanity that is Black Friday.

So go sign up for their newsletter.  Get those alerts!  Save some money!  Sleep in the day after turkey day!

See how good I am to all of you?  Do you see it?  I really do try.

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