Review: Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts – A must try

Barber Foods Chicken Kiev

We get a lot of requests to try and review products here at the cbsop test kitchens.  Most of the time, we pass, either because the products simply wouldn’t be something that excites you guys, or because we know beforehand that we wouldn’t be able to give a positive review. Sometimes though, we get offers for something that we’re excited to try, and Barber Foods Raw Stuffed Chicken Breasts definitely fit the bill.

If you’ve bought packaged pre-stuffed chicken in the freezer section before, I doubt the experience has been stellar. What you get is generally a tough, rubbery piece of chicken filled with something that tastes like it came from a chemical plant.

These are NOT those chicken breasts.

These breasts aren’t pre-cooked, so they come out of the oven moist.  They’re easily cut with a fork and the juiciness shown in the photos is definitely not a stylists trick. (If anything, the kiev we got was far more buttery than the one pictured above.)

So, the question: How good were they?

The answer is simple. They’re good. Quite good.

BF Creamy Chicken Rice 1

In all seriousness, these need to be in every grocer’s freezer section. Preparation is as simple as heating the oven and baking, the quality and flavor are good and even picky little eaters will go wild eating this chicken. We know. My 6 year old tore through the cheddar and broccoli stuffed breasts like there was no tomorrow, and he usually won’t touch broccoli. (Major score!)

We were sent 3 different varieties to sample. Of the three, the Chicken Kiev and the Broccoli and Cheddar were my personal favorites. That’s not to say that the Cordon Bleu wasn’t good, it was, I just don’t happen to be the biggest Cordon Bleu fan. My wife and sons loved them, though.

In the end, we all gave these a high rating. I would suggest them to anyone who’s looking for a good, simple main course that fits well with all kinds of sides. They pass the test for something that I’ll keep for a night when I want convenience, but don’t want to sacrifice flavor.

You can keep up with Barber Foods on their Facebook Page, be sure to like it to keep up to date with new products and happenings.

Note: Currently, these aren’t available at H.E.B. If you love to shop H.E.B. and still want to try these wonderful goodies, ask your store manager to order some or use the contact form at! (The same holds true for Commissaries. If  DeCA doesn’t carry it, you can request them!)

Lastly, I’d like to give a quick thanks to Kaci and Zach from Insight Visual Media Productions, both of whom were a pleasure to work with.


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