Philly, It’s the Cream of the Crop for Holiday Cooking

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Turtle Pumpkin Cheesecake, Courtesy


It's the Holidays and you know what that means. Decadent  desserts, luscious meals and a myriad of appetizers, both savory and sweet.  It's what makes the Holidays a treat. Nothing has calories, at least not between Thanksgiving and January 1st.

If there is one ingredient that screams Holiday, it's cream cheese. There are few ingredients as versatile. It's great for cakes, pies, dips, spreads, and meals.  It can be sweet, savory or somewhere in-between. (I've used it for everything from chili and artichoke dips to cheesecakes and tarts. There's not much you can't do with it.)

If you don't believe just how creative you can get with this stuff, I encourage you to go check out some of the recipes you can make with PHILADELPHIA cream cheese, you'll be amazed at the versatility this cheese has to offer.

Seriously, take a look.  You'll find everything from BLT rollers (A wrapped sandwich), to cheesecake to cocktails (Yes, cocktails) made with Philly Cream cheese. 

Even I never thought of the cocktail angle, so don't feel bad!

While your there, be sure to pin your favorites on Pinterest for future reference or to inspire someone else through the Holidays and beyond.  Pinterest was designed to share and inspire, isn't it? Pin away, my lovelies!

Philly cream cheese is great for Holiday entertaining, but it should never be limited to the holidays. If there's a time and a place where friends and family gather for good food and great company, Philly has a place on the table. But through the holidays, Philly really shines.

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