Giant Stores Removes Recalled Lean Cuisine Products

If you’ve been buying Lean Cuisine meals to help with your weight, you might want to look over the boxes and make sure you don’t have a package of Stouffer Lean Cuisine Chicken Mediterranean or Stouffer Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken Tuscan. Both of these products have been pulled from the Giant chain’s store shelves after a recall by Nestle USA because of a possibility of hard plastic being introduced to the meals.

For those who don’t know how this could happen, it’s pretty simple.  There is a high probability that a gate or other assembly on the production line broke during processing and deposited a small amount of rather inedibly food grade plastic into the finished products.  nestle is doing the right thing in recalling their products, and honestly, they probably were not aware of the issue until all machinery was shut down for cleaning.  By then, the packages would already have been on their way to the market.

The UPC codes in for the products in question are as follows:

  • Product UPC for the 10.5-ounce Chicken Mediterranean Meal is 1380016612 with best before dates of September, October and November 2010.
  • The product UPC for the 12-ounce Chicken Tuscan Meal is 1380014890 with best before dates of September, October and November 2009.

If you ahppen to have one of these packages, simply return it to the store for refund or replacement.

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