Valencia Orange Sherbet, and Why Green is good when it comes to Valencia oranges

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As a kid growing up in California, Valencia oranges were something I looked forward to every summer.  They not only showed up on the shelves at the local supermarkets, but the our neighbors had a Valencia orange tree that was more than prolific enough to feed the entire street. during the summer, we ate a lot of oranges.

And we loved every minute of it.


When Sunkist contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to talk about Valencia oranges and share one of my favorite recipes with you, I was thrilled to say yes.  Summer is the time for these insanely sweet, juicy treats and I know the perfect way for you to make them even sweeter, if not juicier, than they start out.  Orange sherbet!

To make a perfect sherbet you’ll need sweet, ripe oranges.  In the case of Valencias however, it isn’t uncommon to find that some, or all, of the oranges in the store are still a bit green.  Do not fear, my friends. those oranges were picked at the height of perfection and the green skin doesn’t mean an underripe orange. Valencias have a tendency to Re-Green in the warm months of summer, as described in this video: Sunkist Valencia Oranges Re-greening Video.

So, now that you’ve run out and got yourself some of the summers best fruit, let me show you how to turn them into something even better than they started out. (Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!)

What I would have done differently had I thought of it at the time:

Actually, this Sherbet would have been fine with a little less sugar. the end result was just a teensy bit sweeter than I would have liked, so be sure to add sugar a little at a time and adjust as necessary. Valencias are insanely sweet on their own, so it’s really a matter of adjusting to how sweet the oranges are on their own.

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