St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Roundup

Are you’re looking for some great recipes for your St. Patrick’s Day menu? well this is one Irish American family that won’t let you down!  We go big for St. Pattie’s Day around here, and for Irish recipes in general, so we’ve amassed a pretty good collection over the years.  The following are what we have so far:

Note: This list is positive to grow larger over time…  I’ll do my best to keep this updated.

Corned Beef and Potatoes

Corned Beef and Potatoes:

Most people think of corned beef and cabbage for their St. Pattie’s Day meal, but we’re more potato fans around here.  The cabbage comes into play in different recipes we use throughout the month or the meal itself, rather than becoming a focus in the main dish.

This one is all about the meat and potatoes … (Well, it’s about the Guinness, too.) If you’re not into a simple side of potatoes you can always opt for a side of:


While not traditional in Ireland until around halloween, All of the ingredients for a great Colcannon can be found in your local BigScaryMegaMart at just about any time of the year.  It’s a dish that I absolutely enjoy and have made several different versions of over the past few years. (with a new version coming tomorrow!)  But if the Cabbage or kale in the dish puts you off, you can always go with a lovely side of:


author Monica Sheridan lists this recipe as “Champ (for the children)”.  I assume this is for kid’s that haven’t developed a taste for the traditional cabbage or kale… (Mine have issues with even the scallions, but we’re working on it.)

It’s a much mellower dish than colcannon and will probably fit the palate of hosts and guests alike, even if hey aren’t fond of leafy greens.

Of course, if you aren’t looking to go with the traditional corned beef at all you could consider making either;

Irish Stew:

Nothing says Ireland like Irish Stew.  No other dish, with perhaps the addition of colcannon is, to my knowledge, as closely tied to Ireland herself (feel free to correct me if you’re Irish!)

This is a hearty and heart-warming dish that’s just perfect for the last days of winter.  It’s sure to bring a touch of the Irish to you, your friends, family, hearth and home.

Of course, if you aren’t in the mood for stew, there’s always:

Cottage Pie:

If all else on the standard St. Patty’s Day menu leaves you cold, make up a few of these bad boys and enjoy with a lovely pint of Guinness for an all over warm feeling.  While not strictly Irish, it is definitely one of Western Europe’s best exports.  Kid’s love it, it’s simple to make and you can top with copious amounts of cheese if you like or skip it as I do.  In any event it’s sure to please anyone at the table.

And there you have it.  Tomorrow I’ll get in to what to do with leftovers, but for now at least, this list should provide some inspiration for anyone looking to add a little something to the table.


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