Leftover Turkey Recipes

Leftover Turkey Tacos - Leftover Turkey Recipes

Hi!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday. But now that the big day has passed, I think all of us are left with one burning question: What do we do with all of that leftover turkey?!

As usual, we have a few answers for you.  Below you’ll find a list of our leftover Turkey recipes. some are old, some are new, some are borrowed (and tweaked.), but I guarantee that none of them will make you blue. (Sorry, I couldn’t help that one!)

We’re sure you’ll find something here that will help you take your Holiday leftovers to new levels and, as always;

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Thumbnail image for Pulled Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Rainbow SlawPulled Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Rainbow Slaw

If you are anything like we are one of the highlights of the Holiday season (or really anytime of the year) is serving a gorgeous whole roasted turkey. Not only are the “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” over your succulent roast beast worthy of any family’s love, but the promise of a dinner that’s just a litle […]

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Thumbnail image for Leftover Turkey Tacos RecipeLeftover Turkey Tacos Recipe

Are you getting tired of turkey yet?  Do you need a new way to spice up that grand bird that graced your holiday table? Are you just sick-to-death of trying to find ways to get the last little bit out of your meal? Whether you’re trying to reinvent a little more of your leftover bird […]

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Thumbnail image for Leftover Turkey Shepherd’s PieLeftover Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

I know I made a big stink in my cottage pie post about the fact that a pie like this cannot be called a shepherd’s pie unless it is made from minced lamb. Honestly though, I figure if a bunch of shepherd’s could get their hands on a wild turkey or other foul while out […]

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Thumbnail image for Leftover Turkey Stew RecipeLeftover Turkey Stew Recipe

From the archives.  One of our family’s all time favorite leftover turkey recipes. Stay tuned for more though! I Promise that this will be the last of my leftover turkey recipes. By now we’re both most likely getting tired of turkey. Personally, I’ll be buying another while they’re still on sale, but it will be […]

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Thumbnail image for Leftover Turkey and Dressing Casserole Recipe a.k.a. Dressing, RedressedLeftover Turkey and Dressing Casserole Recipe a.k.a. Dressing, Redressed

“What am I going to make with all these leftovers?” It’s a pretty common phrase used during the holidays, especially after Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. The refrigerator is overflowing with half-full serving dishes or packed storage containers of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and half-a-dozen desserts still grace trays on the counter tops. Rather […]

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Thumbnail image for Curried Cranberry-Orange Turkey ThighsCurried Cranberry-Orange Turkey Thighs

Sometimes a Holiday meal should be uncomplicated. There’s enough stress out there for anyone, right? Why should you also be expected to put out expensive, fussy meals throughout the season on a regular basis? The answer is; you shouldn’t. Your holiday meals don’t have to be complicated to be fabulous. This dish is a recreation […]

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Thumbnail image for Leftover Stuffing (Dressing) Croquettes RecipeLeftover Stuffing (Dressing) Croquettes Recipe

Stuffing.  It’s the quintessential holiday side dish. The question is, short of making a casserole or heaping the remainder onto a sandwich, what do you do with all that leftover dressing after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? I may just have the answer for you, and it’s simpler than you think. Holiday leftover meals should be […]

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Leftover Turkey and Potato Curry

Thumbnail image for Leftover Tukey and Potato CurryNovember 18, 2009 [edit] Recipes

If you’re like most of us the holiday dinner has passed and now you’re looking for a few creative ways to use up all that leftover turkey.  While there is absolutely noting wrong with turkey sandwiches, I know that there are a lot of people who tire of them quickly or just want to find […]

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