TopChef Seattle Season Finale – A look back on #TopChef Season 10

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OK kiddies, it’s time for the big episode of Top Chef Seattle. Yep, it’s Finale time. Tonight, February 27th at 10/9c . And this year they’re cooking live in front of a  studio audience composed of their family, friends and of course, the judges.

Who’s going to win? Is Chef Brooke going to come through yet again, or do you think Kristen will manage to come back from last Chance kitchen to take it all? (I’m pulling for Brooke, personally… At least now that Sheldon is out of the running.)

Why am I pulling for Brooke?  Well, aside from the fact that she already managed to push Kristen off the board once, she’s had a fairly epic season, coming out on top in 3 QuickFire challenges and 5 Elimination challenges. That’s a fairly epic record for any contestant on the show in any season.

That’s not to say that Kristen isn’t a serious competitor. She may not have the challenge wins under her apron that Brooke does, but Kristen has managed to fight her way through a  season of Last Chance Kitchen and in the end came out on top over the highly talented  Sheldon Simeon, who was my favorite to win for most of the season.

(Oh, come on… Yes, Josh was good, but the guy had other things on his mind. Maybe if he wasn’t waiting for the birth of his daughter he would have done better. I’m not going to blame him though. He’s got drive and determination. In his case I would have backed out and been at the hospital.)

So on the eve of the last episode, let’s take a look back over some of the more memorable moments these two ChefTestants have had this season:

Brooke Williamson:

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Brooke Williamsom

Fast Facts:

This 34 year-old dynamo is the co-owner of two LA based restaurants, Hudson House and The Tripel. Her official Bravo Biography states that she has “No Formal Culinary Training”, but I’m going to dispute that. Brooke learned in the kitchen. This is the way chefs should be taught. In the fire, not in a classroom.

(I have nothing against culinary school, mind you, but learning under the wing of a head chef is the classic method of training. You were apprenticed, your learned, then you became a chef in your own right.)

Season Highlights:

What more needs to be said than she’s won more challenges than anyone else on the show.  She’s a solid talent with great skills and a knack for simple, elegant plating.  She’s whipped out stunning creations such as frog legs and Mussels for a surf and turf challenge and lamb stuffed squid for another. (I never would have thought of either combo, but that’s why she’s the culinary wunderkind and I’m a food blogger.)

Here’s Brooke’s Road to the Finale:

Brook is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the final challenge, and Kristen would be wise to take her very seriously.

Kristen Kish:

top chef, season 10, seattle, kristen kish, bravo

Kristen Kish

Fast Facts:

Talk about rising stars; Kristen Kish is only 28 years old, but talented enough to have beaten challengers with far more experience in the kitchen. She calls her style of cooking “modern contemporary French cuisine with Italian influences.” (Which may sound odd at first, but look at a map. Italy and France share a border. I’m sure there’s a merging in flavor there.)

Kristen is currently Chef de Cuisine at Stir, owned by Barbara Lynch where she hosts demonstration dinners 7 nights per week that features a revolving menu designed to showcase different cuisines. It takes talent to hold down that job, and this young woman has it.

Season Highlights:

Kristen may have been sent off early in the season, but she proved herself time and again in Last Chance Kitchen, beating out staggering competition like CJ and Josie (Who sort of threw her under the bus in Restaurant Wars.)  Here’s Kristen’s Road to the finale:

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 If Brooke thinks she’s going to get off easy in the finale, she’d better think again. Kristen is technically elegant and extremely capable.


Favorite Quote:

My favorite quote from the season was actually quoted from a previous season. It goes a little something like:

I ain’t your bitch… Bitch!

The quote is from Episode 9, “Past Seasons” refers to a past episode that, unsurprisingly, included Chef Josie as well. (Though she wasn’t involved in the original outpouring of chef awesomeness.)

Memorable Moments:

While there are a ton of memorable cooking moments in this season, the most memorable things for me were views of Alaska. We left just over a year ago, so seeing the mountains and having a chance to take in all that majestic scenery, even if just through the TV screen, was thrilling.

And now kiddies. Who’s your favorite chef? Who do you think will win? Who do you wish was in the finale? let us know!

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