7 Easy Ways To Organise A Christmas BBQ

On the Grill

7 Easy Ways To Organise A Christmas BBQ
Many people are opting for an informal and laid back Christmas celebration. Instead of sweating over a stove and spending hours in the kitchen, a bbq is a great alternative. A bbq will cater for the fussiest eaters and guests can graze the day away. Make sure you offer refreshing drinks throughout the day. Also, cook a little extra to cater for those guests who stay into the evening!

2 to 3 Weeks Before the Bbq

If you stick to a plan, you can be assured your bbq will be stress free. The first thing to do is make up a guest list and invite everyone by email or phone. If you are having a special theme, such as pool party, Hawaiian or Australia Day bbq, let the guests know now.

The Menu

Plan the menu and then make up a shopping list. Remember to cater for guests with special dietary needs such as vegetarian or gluten free. Also decide whether you will have snacks beforehand as guests arrive.


Make sure you have a supply of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on hand. Also provide adequate drinking water for guests. To cut down on costs, most guests would not mind being asked to bring their own drinks. Perhaps you could just provide the non-alcoholic drinks.

Organise The Venue

If you do not wish to have the bbq at your home, the local council provides fully equipped parks to cater for bbqs. These are usually gas bbqs with adequate shelter. All you have to do is bring your own bbq tools, food and equipment. The beach is another alternative venue. Again, these locations usually contain bbqs, amenities and shade shelter.


If you need to borrow or hire chairs or tables, make sure you organise this early. You can make a booking with a hire company to include delivery and collection, or you could ask friends to bring their own chairs. One very important aspect to check upon is, is the gas bottle full? On the other hand, if you are having a wood fired bbq, ensure you have an adequate supply of wood to burn. Electric bbqs need no organisation!

3-5 Days Before the Bbq

Purchase paper plates, cups, serviettes, plastic eating utensils and any special decorations you may need. You can preorder meat, seafood and bread rolls for collection on the day of or the day prior to your bbq. Always have on hand a few more plates than the number of invited guests.

The Day Before the Bbq

Organise adequate ice and pick up any last minute perishable items. You can cut up salads, vegetables and onions now. Decorate the bbq area. Make sure to thaw any frozen items. Have a designated drinks table and make sure there is an easily accessible rubbish bin. Guests will often dispose of their own trash if a bin is made available.
Now you are all set and there should be no last minute rush. If you are getting Christmas card printing  done, incorporate the bbq invitation into the card. If you really stretched for time, perhaps you could get your bbq catered for. This can be a very economical way of doing a bbq and then you can sit back and relax and leave the catering and tidying up to someone else.

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