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  1. Any comment that uses foul or derogatory language, racial slurs or direct insults pointed at any reader of this blog will simply never be published. These folks were kind enough to leave their opinions here and I will not have them challenged or insulted in that manner. As a matter of fact, it’s a good way to get you placed on my banned list.
  2. If your command of the English language stops with the use of four letter words as adjectives or adverbs, you can pretty much assume I’ll delete your comment before anyone sees it. I know for a fact that I have readers under the age of 18, and a few of those readers are from backgrounds that would find your language offensive. This is a family oriented blog. If you feel the need to use language like that, go to MySpace and use that type of language on the other L33t-speakers, they’ll laugh along with you because Mom and Dad can’t hear.
  3. Attacks against myself personally will not be posted unless written by the person I wrote the article about. If you are offended by something I’ve written, please use the contact form to tell me why.

That’s about it. Keep it courteous, Keep it rated PR13 and have fun, folks.

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